Article 1- Name And Territory of The Union

Name and Territory of the Union

According to constitution of India our first article has three parts.

India, that is Bharat, shall be a Union of States.

The States and territories therof shall be as specified in the First Schedules.

The territory of India shall comprise-

(a) the territory of States;

(b) the Union terrotories specified in the First Schedule; and

(c) such other territories as may be acquired.

Some Basic Concepts

Before understanding the first article. Let’s understand What is an article? Whenever we refer article in political term, here it means a writtern legal statement of a country on the basis of which goverment can make rules and regulations. And courts can decide any result in a dispute.

Consitutional article has most special space. As it has the highest form of legality. Amedments are done on articles to make it more useful. Any changes done in the meaning of any article for better regulation is called an amendment. There are various ways to do amendments in our constitution which we will learn later in different articles (here I mean which a blogger write)

We can see the word Schedule in the second part of first article of Indian constitution. Schedules are also important but it’s not the part of any article. It is related to many articles either direclty or indereclty but not written along the articles. We can find schedules in later part of the Indian constitution. For example first scedule is related to all the 28 States and 9 Union Territorries of India.

First Part

The first part is very clear, that it specified the name of our state. We call this either India which is an Europian name, rooted in Arabian word of “Sindhu”. There are some saying that Arabians mispronounce Sindhu as Hindu. As we all know Sindhu is a river between India and Pakistan border. So, people living eastern side of Sindhu river were called Sindhus or Hindus.

Second alternative is a hindi name “Bharat”, which may arrived from our first king of whole India King Bharat the son of Shantanu and Shakuntala. So, our country is popular with both names India and Bharat.

Second Part

Second part tells about the location where we can find the names and territores of different parts of our country. It is the first schedule, and now we know what schedule means. How we divided our states is a long story which we can read in different articles. In short, most of the Indian states are divided on the basis of language and culture.

Last Part

Third and last part tells about the components of territories. They are states, Union territories (more power to central government) and other states like disputed territories like POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir).

Court Case Related to This Article

The most famous case related to this article is Berubari Case in 1960. Well this case is more related to article 3. So, will discuss this in details when we will learn article three. The case is basically related to an agreement between Nehru and Noon(then Prime Minister of Pakistan present day Bangladesh) where India decided to give up some part of muslim majority West Bengal to Pakistan.

If you want to read about the full case now you can click this link.

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